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The purpose of this website is to host information about earth-moon-earth (EME) communications in the interest of helping people who are interested or just getting started in EME. 

Bouncing radio signals via the moon and back to earth is a real challenge. Hearing your own echoes coming back from the moon for the first time is something that every moonbouncer will remember for the rest of their life.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  

The information provided on this website is divided into technical and operating topics. Each band has it's own link. The information is coming from many sources around the world. Experienced moonbouncers kindly provide this information to help their fellow amateurs.

Moonbounce is generally speaking not done every day of the year. As the moon travels around the earth in a cycle of about 28 days different parameters tells us what days are good and what days are bad. This website will provide you with moon calendars that provide detailed information about moon data and published activity events.  

The 432 & UP Swedish EME Meeting  2019

organized by SM4IVE in Örebro May 24-26

Once again, participants from many countries and continents gathered for the Swedish EME Meeting in Örebro. This time the number of attendees was higher than any previous meeting in Örebro, indicating not only a high intrerest for 432 & Up EME but also a desire to meet good friends from many different parts of the world in a friendly atmosphere.

(Please note that some presentations below can not be downloaded)

The 2017 Swedish EME meeting was held in Örebro on May 20-21. As previous meetings, this was yet another success!

Moonbouncers enjoyed a fascinating set of presentations about detailed aspects of EME as well as enjoying  the opportunity to meet, greet and discuss with old friends.

The thanks of everyone go to Lars SM4IVE for organising the event and to all the presenters and supporters.

The Rise and Rise of 6cm EME!

Enjoy the presentation from G3LTF Peters talk on 6cm EME at the RSGB convention. Without doubt, 6cm EME is the hottest place to be at the moment!

Listen to the 1296 MHz Moon Beacon ON0EME - moon echoes on a daily basis, all year long!

The ON0EME Moon Beacon is a  technical marvel in itself, bouncing signals off the moon surface back to earth every time the moon is visible in Belgium.  The idea started in Örebro Sweden during a meeting with radio amateurs interested in EME ( Earth Moon Earth ) communications.

On the way back home HB9BBD, ON4BCB and ON7UN discussed the possibilities and by the time they where back home the project was born. After 10 months of intensive building the 1296 MHz moonbeacon was active.

Check out the website at

And there is more.. listen to the 10.368 MHz Moon Beacon DL0SHF - another beacon serving us with moon echoes

In Germany Per Dudek DK7LJ is running a moon beacon on 10.386 MHz, the 3cm EME band. This high tech beacon is providing moon echoes whenver the moon is visible in Germany.

More info can be found at


Download the presentations from the Swedish EME Meeting in Örebro 2015.


A report from the Swedish EME Meeting 2013 in Örebro

Lasse SM4IVE invited 432 MHz & Up moonbouncers to the 3rd EME meeting in Örebro. The meeting toke place on 24-26 May 2013.

(picture by Ingolf Larsson, SM6FHZ)

Video by SM6CKU (link to YouTube)



Cambridge: 16-18 August 2012

In 2012 Cambridge hosted the 15th International EME Conference – the first time the UK has hosted this prestigious event. Check out the website for some interesting information.

Click on the logo above to get to the conference website.


Read the report and download the presentations from the 2012 Swedish EME Meeting in Örebro

Document from the meeting:

- NF Measurements

- ENR Calibrations

Moonbouncers around the world

HB9BBD  Visit Dom HB9BBD to check out his shack and  his 10m dish!!

OK1KIR Visit OK1KIR for some "all band EME" information!

This page is dedicated to Earth-Moon-Earth communications, also called Moonbounce.

LA8YB (SK) 32 yagi array

Activity periods »

144 MHz ATP 2022

15 Jan 0000-0200 GMT EU/NA
15 Jan 1500-1700 GMT EU/VK

11 Feb 2130-2330 GMT EU/NA
12 Feb 1400-1600 GMT EU/VK

March 12/13 Dubus CW 144/432 MHz

8 Apr 2000-2200 GMT EU/NA
9 Apr 1200-1400 GMT EU/VK

7 May 1000-1200 GMT EU/VK
7 May 1930-2130 GMT EU/NA

4 Jun 0900-1100 GMT EU/VK
4 Jun 1830-2030 GMT EU/NA

2 Jul 0730-0930 GMT EU/VK
2 Jul 1700-1900 GMT EU/NA

20 Aug 0000-0200 GMT EU/VK
20 Aug 0900-1100 GMT EU/NA

16 Sep 2130-2330 GMT EU/VK
17 Sep 0730-0930 GMT EU/NA

ARI EME Trophy?


10 Dec 0330-0530 GMT EU/NA
10 Dec 1900-2100 GMT EU/VK




144.040 - 144.060 MHz

70cm CW EME activity periods


432 MHz ATP 2022

16 Jan 0200-0400 GMT EU/NA
16 Jan 1630-1830 GMT EU/VK

Feb 13 0100-0300 GMT EU/NA
Feb 13 1500-1700 GMT EU/VK

March 12/13 Dubus Contest 144/432 MHz

10 Apr 1300-1500 GMT EU/VK
10 Apr 2100-2300 GMT EU/NA

8 May 1200-1400 GMT EU/VK
8 May 2000-2200 GMT EU/NA

5 Jun 1100-1300 GMT EU/VK
5 Jun 1900-2100 GMT EU/NA

3 Jul 0900-1100 GMT EU/VK
3 Jul 1700-1900 GMT EU/NA

21 Aug 0100-0300 GMT EU/NA
21 Aug 1000-1200 GMT EU/VK

18 Sep 0000-0200 GMT EU/VK
18 Sep 0900-1100 GMT EU/NA

ARI EME Trophy?



11 Dec 0500-0700 GMT EU/NA
11 DEC 2000-2200 GMT EU/VK

432.010 - 432.050 MHz

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