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This is a very short version of what was discussed on Sunday morning at the EME meeting in Örebro Sweden on May 15, 2011.


A short report of what was discussed at the EME meeting in Orebro, Sweden:

To promote EME, and CW EME in particular, it is important that we advertise our activities and hand out appetizers as much and as often as we can.

Appetizers in the form of putting the Arecibo dish (or similar large arrays) on the moon are of great value but we can also do a lot by announcing different activities in a common meetingplace. Today such information is scattered around a number of websites so if we could agree on one common URL where people could go to find out more about EME things would be easier for newcomers.

Such a website should also host general information about EME; receivers, transmitters, antennas, procedures etc. Plenty of material is certainly available on the web today, but again, on many different URL's. If this some of this material could be used, with permission from the authors, setting up a generic EME website full of excellent information would not be a big challenge.

Adding an EME Calendar where events, activities and expeditions could easily be presented will help VHF/UHF columnists around the world to spread the news in their magazines.  This is an important factor when promoting EME to a wider audience. We can not simply rely on email reflectors like Moon or Moon-Net, these channels are too narrow banded as they are mainly contain people who are already well established in EME. 

Another important factor when opening a general website promoting EME is to keep it free from different opinions about operating that have been splitting the community in recent years. The information presented should be free of biasing and the website should not be a forum for discussions.

As a start and a suggestion, a domain name has been booked and website has been opened up;

Aquiring this domain could be the startingpoint towards a generic website for promoting EME. Of course, there are a number of issues to deal with before this goal is achieved. Hopefully this topic could be part of the agenda at the EME Conference 2012 in Cambridge. At the meeting in Orebro the representatives from the UK were very enthusiastic about this proposal.

Peter SM2CEW
(discussion moderator)







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SK6OSO, the big dish in Sweden will be activated again late this summer.
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