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This is a short report from the EME meeting in Örebro Sweden on May 11-13, 2011.

Another fine EME meeting was held in Örebro Sweden on May 11-13, 2012. Arranged by SM4IVE and friends we all gathered on Friday afternoon for a nice welcome in the bar followed by a lovely dinner.


People get to Örebro in many different ways, some spending many hours in their car to get there. Again, HB9BBD's roadtrip of >1800km is the winner. Dom was active on HF mobile on the journey and eventually linked up with the Belgian team ON7UN and ON4BCB both via HF radio and roads to Örebro.


Saturday was spent in a relaxing way, discussing EME matters, actively taking part in presentations or measuring preamps and noise sources (tks to Mart SM0ERR for providing test equipment).


Download viewer for the presentation below


The agenda:


- M&M Team (DL1YMK) talks about their Barn Exp in LY


A wonderful presentation from the EME expedition to LY in 2011.  


Presentation EME Meeting 2012-2010.pptx


- HB9BBD  how to optimize W6PQL SSPA


Dom introduced us to the secrets of getting more power out of a well known solid state amplifier for 23cm. Dom also showed us how he moved his big dish to another platform by lifting the whole thing with a large crane!


Presentation How to increase 2 XRF 286 to 250W.ppt


- SM0ERR  Agilent N8973A  10 MHz – 3GHz  Nf Measurements/ENR calibr.


Mart is an expert in measuring preamp noise figures and perform noise source calibrations. The measurements will be published here as soon as they are compiled.



- NF Measurements

- ENR Calibrations



- SM5QA   Detecting signals in white noise (Live)


K-G presented the maths and conclusions on how to achieve a top EME notch receiver before he went on to do live demonstrations of weak signals in the noise using the Flex 1500 and a homebrew test bench capable of transmitting carriers or CW mixed with different levels on noise. Interesting!


- ON7UN & ON4BCB will inform about the new ON0EME   moonbeacon (23cm)


Eddy and Marc presented the fabulous fully automatic 23cm EME beacon in Belgium.


- DL1YMK  3 cm experience in converting an Elisra amp for ~22 w out on 3 cm


Michael demonstrated pure determination to get solid state EME power on 3cm by modifying commercial equipment. The mission was completed as a QSO with LX1DB was achieved on 3cm using a small dish and the modified Elisra amplifier.


Presentation Cheap solid state power on 10 GHz2010.pptx


- Discussions regarding EME   (Moderator SM2CEW)


This website is a result of last years conference where we concluded that a website with a catchy URL and generic EME infomation is needed.


Another result of last years discussion is the fabulous EME beacon ON0EME in Belgium. Eddy and Marc were complemented for their hard work that's resulted in a very valuable tool for present and coming moonbouncers.


Finally a decision was made to hold the Örebro EME meeting every 2nd year, in between the big international EME conferences. 


A big thank you to Lars SM4IVE for organizing the meeting again in 2012, see you all in 2013!





//Peter SM2CEW 







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